Thursday, October 15, 2009

Chuggin' Away

Reverend Kevin is in Kyoto this week, so not much has happened. My main goals right now are:

1) Read "Buddha's Wish For The World"
2) Study Hirigana
3) Practice chanting
4) Finish transfering credits so I can see how close I am to a BA degree

Man, it seems like such a short list... but wow! Trust me, it's a lot more intimidating in real life!

In Gassho,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Tokudo Program

Last Tuesday when I met with Rev Kevin, he gave me a list of important dates regarding my Tokudo. Tokudo is the name of the lower-level ordination in the Buddhist seminary. The upper level is called Kyoshi. When you are a Kyoshi minister, you can have your own temple. In either case, the level of ordination I'm working towards right now is Tokudo. Here is a copy of the schedule:

November 2009 - Orientation to the ministers.
January 2010 - Preliminary Informational Session
April 2010 - Start one year Local Pre-Tokudo Training Program at local temples
April 2011 - Hold two months State Pre-Tokudo Trining Program at local temples. Screening of candidates by Bishop
Fall 2011 - Send candidates to Honzan for ten day Tokudo Program

In summary, my training "officially" begins in April of 2010. Then, in April of 2011, I'm interviewed by the Bishop to see if I'm qualified to go to Japan for the ordination. If I am, then in Fall, I go to Japan and go through Tokudo Basic Training.

Pretty exciting stuff!

In Gassho,